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Gift Ideas For Tweens & Teens...

The years between 10 and 13 are tricky in many ways. Kids this age want to experiment with their own sense of expression but they still want to play with stuff. The good thing is that they're drawn to cool stuff for their room too, which helps expand the gift horizon. Here are some fun ideas to consider. I'll keep adding to the list, so check back for updates!

Clicking the links below will take you to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Not much, but something-- which is nice. As a writer, this is helpful because we don't make a boat-load of money unless, of course, we are J.K. Rowling.

Hope you find the list helpful!

The Mind. $7.99 This card game! So much fun. My 12-year-old daughter played it with her friend and they played for almost two hours. Many rounds! That's a hit in my book. 2 - 4 players.

If your older kid is hooked on The Office, these Funko Pop figures are fun! You can get Pam and Jim and everyone else it seems, except Dwight... who is hard to come by. Try this: Put Dwight in your Amazon cart and check back the next day or day after. He will suddenly, bizarrely, be available for purchase and Prime shipping.

$19 Vintage Felt Letter Board

This is cool for their room! Or hey-- maybe even the kitchen? (I kind of want one for myself!) Reminds me of those magnetic alphabet tiles for the fridge from back in the day... when clocks had hands.

$19.99 DC Batman Toaster. I think they should rename this product "Hey kids! Make Your Own Damn Toast!"

3D Star Wars Lamp It's less than 20 bucks and remote controlled... and portable. You can take it camping. I don't like camping but I'd willing to consider spending the night with bugs if I can take this magical thing with me!

Monopoly Stranger Things edition! Also, for older teens there's a Stephen King IT version that is CREEPY and I'll admit, cool looking.

UNO ATTACK! This ain't your grandpappy's UNO. Lots of belly laughs with this version. When the UNO Attack button is pressed, a stream of cards could come shooting out -- and you never know when. It’s a total surprise.

Really nice ukulele. There are great tutorials on youtube, no need for formal lessons. If your kid likes to listen to Grace Vanderwaal, there's some great footage of her sitting in her room making up songs, playing her uke.

DC FunkoVerse board game. The four Funko figures are a draw. For ages 10 and up. Apparently you can combine characters from other FunkoVerse games. Harry Potter can battle the Joker?!

A Puggy Potter T-Shirt! Ooh-- one for the whole family? Holiday photo time!

Cool mini Quadcopter Drone. I want to take this thing to the dog park and film my dog chasing a herd of other dogs. The camera on the drone links to your phone! It's $36 and gets good reviews. Not bad for a starter drone!

Stranger Things D&D Starter Kit If Stranger Things has kicked off interest in D&D, you can buy this starter-set tie-in. Or... there's also Stranger Things versions of Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

3-D Puzzle. The Burrow Weasley Family Home You know what they say: The family that puzzles together, stays together. There are others to choose from but the customer images of this one look super cool.

Your very own Shaved Ice machine! I'm thinking this might be fun during a sleepover. Netflix & snow cones?

Dwight PEZ. $5.99 The ultimate stocking stuffer! YOU GUYS! This is fantastically weird and perfect for fans of the show.

Got a Riverdale fan in the house? Monopoly does it again, folks! Riverdale Monopoly Edition.

The Hydroflask. More popular than the Beatles. Definitely pricey but also durable. Pretty sure this thing could go head-to-head with a tank and come out unscathed.

And of course... the Hydroflask's sidekick: vinyl stickers. My daughter's water bottle is covered in these. It's $7.99 for 100 stickers. They're easy to remove. They work on laptops, school folders, travel mugs... pretty much anywhere. You get a LOT of stickers. No repeats. Each one is different.

$35 ON SALE. TOZO Wireless Earbuds. Your kid probably wants Apple AirPods but those cost a million dollars. These have great reviews on Amazon. The case charges the pods, which is cool. The black ones are less expensive because... umm... they are not white? I guess Apple has caused the color white to go up in cost. Or... these regular, wired white cushy headphones are super comfortable!

National Geographic Metal Detector. Let's call it what it really is: the ultimate treasure hunter!!!

Brush tip markers. It's like you're painting, not coloring. Love these! I've purchased them a few times now. $11.49 They make a great gift if you package them with a blank art journal. Speaking of journals...

$11.87 Blank Journal for drawing, painting, writing-- creating. My daughter is now into art-journaling. She pastes, paints, draws, mod-podges, collages and writes in her journal. The paper is durable and handles anything you throw at it. She's filled two of these already. ❤️ You can even do something to the cover. Once the wrapper is off, it's blank craft paper.

A soft sherpa fleece throw blanket to curl up in. $24.99 Long, stretchy puppers! Other styles are available. Super soft and cute.

Heat Changing Mug! Add hot chocolate or tea and sharks lurking under the water will appear. I love the company that makes these. There are others, like Bob Ross and Dr. Who. Watch the video on Amazon. It's funny and you can see the mug in action.

Kindle Paperwhite. It's on SALE right now. (Gah! Wish I'd bought mine on sale!) I love these so much. Everyone in my family has their own. If you don't know a word, just tap it. Instant vocab! Time to curl up in your fleece blanket and read without distraction.

Blokus Duo. $12 We LOVE THIS GAME. We have the four-player version. I love the idea of a two-player version! It's for ages 7 and up but my kids play with their college-age cousins. Many rounds are played-- with re-matches demanded. It's a game of strategy, yet super easy to learn.

$27.99 Waterproof shower speaker that suctions to the shower wall. Bluetooth, chargeable. This thing has taken some hard falls in our shower and just keeps on working. Got a reluctant "showerer?" It lights up too.

BigFoot Socks. $9. The description says "men's" but socks are socks. Plus, many 6th graders have feet larger than yachts. The socks should be mandatory uniform attire in schools and offices across the land.

Stranger Things Funko POP figures. Hugely popular with fans of the show. You can browse the other characters too. Pretty much every middle school tick-or-treator that came to my door this year was dressed as a character from this show.

$99 Smile Instant Print Digital Camera If they have their own phone, this Kodak camera will print out any picture instantly on peelable sticky paper too-- so they can hang it anywhere, like school folders or a scrapbook. Or... buy a corkboard and some push pins-- time to make a photo collage circa 1980!

$8. Velvet Hair Scrunchies. Because Scrunchies are forever.

$29 GummyBear Room Light Who doesn't love gummy bears? This light-up guy comes in lots of colors and looks cute on a shelf or dresser... or you can walk around with him. He's portable!

$14.99 Atlas Obscura This book is beautiful. There's another version for the "older" crowd. It takes you to 100 weird-but-true places on earth. This edition is good for the 8 - 12 set. The other version is worth exploring for pretty much anyone on your list. There's even an Atlas Obscura Page-A-Day Calendar.

This is where these fabulous $24 mannequin hair heads enter the scene. We own two. (And yes, they spark joy. I promise to say ten Hail Marie Kondos as penance.) My 10 and 12-year-old mastered updos and fishtail braids. Meet Bernette & Lexie...

Good luck out there, folks. If all else fails, I highly recommend bringing a gaggle of tweens to a wide-open space with a green hill. We did this recently and one12-year-old looked at me and said, "I'm not sure I know how to do this... I've never rolled down a hill before." 😳 I managed to film these two and their giggle-fest.

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