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Readers sometimes ask me for book recommendations...

Click the images below for Amazon reviews. I put a star on the ones we read aloud-- these are stories worth sharing. Many are emotionally rich and travel through history. If you read them together, magic happens! The story comes alive and the characters become someone you both know. Looking for books for adults? Go here.


A note about the book Echo: I recommend sharing this one together. There's so much to talk about. Also, the audio version of this book is beautiful because it incorporates music. 


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I am a reader. My daughter is not. I tried offering all of the above books in paperback. She loved receiving them but never sat long enough to get into them. I ended up reading aloud to her at night. She listened to each one and always wanted more. "Just one more chapter, please." She's in 5th grade and I still read to her. (No one is ever too old to hear a story!) But I wanted her to become a reader. I resisted the idea of getting her a Kindle Paperwhite but since we don't do smartphones, I went for it. She has an iPad-- I could have installed the Kindle app, but a book can't compete with that kind of distraction. A Kindle is only for books. A Kindle Paperwhite, specifically, is lit with a soft transparent light that is easy on the eyes. You're not reading on an eye-straining backlit LCD screen. It's totally different. PLUS, you tap on a word to look it up. Instant dictionary! Plus, you can borrow books from the library with a click. My daughter fell IN LOVE with her Kindle. She read an entire book in a week. For us, that was a big WOW. And then ANOTHER book the following week. And another after that. I'm blown away. If you have a reluctant reader, this just might do the trick. When we limit screen time on TV and her iPad, her mood sours until I say this: "No more iPad, no more TV, but you can read on your Kindle."

Kindle Paperwhite

Click the

pic to see details at Amazon (affiliate link.)

Is that child reading?

I bought my daughter's on Amazon.
Click the pic above to see which one.
Barnes and Noble also sells an e-reader called a Nook, just make sure it's the one that's lit from within. 

The first book she read on her kindle: 

Sneaky mom tip: I got the book and read it at the same time. "What chapter are you on?" I'd ask her. "Did you get to the part where he meets the mean boy?" Then I let her get ahead of me and she couldn't wait for me to catch up. "Mom, you've GOT to get to chapter 9, it gets SO good!"   

This is written by the same guy

who wrote Holes, by the way. 

Click the pic to get from Amazon

Currently reading with my 4th and 6th grader...

The novel is told from the perspective of four middle school students -- two boys and two girls -- over the course of a day as one of them becomes trapped in a well. 
Hello, Universe won the 2018 Newbery Medal and it TOTALLY deserves it. 

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