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I'm a writer at Medium and a Narrative Editor at Riot Games. The guy who co-created Twitter (Ev Williams) created Medium. Sometimes he highlights what I write and that makes up for all the times no one wanted to sit next to me in 5th grade. That's okay. I'm gonna sit with Ev and we're gonna eat my Yia Yia's spanakopita and talk about bionic limbs.

My articles on Medium have over five million readers. My work has led to interviews and mentions on the BBC,, Buzzfeed, CBS Los Angeles, Upworthy, Popsugar, Bloomberg, CBC Vancouver Radio, and others. Blurbs like these have a way of making people's lives look shiny. Thanks, Internet! (It's a blurb's world, we just live in it.)  



As a line editor, I style rough drafts. You send me your words in a rough stream, and I pan for gold. The good stuff is already there! 

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