I'm a columnist at Medium.com​. The guy who co-created Twitter (Ev Williams) created Medium. Sometimes he highlights what I write and that makes up for all the times no one wanted to sit next to me in 5th grade. That's okay, you guys. I'm gonna sit with Ev and we're gonna eat my Yia Yia's spanakopita and talk about Battlestar Galactica.  

My essays on Medium have over five million readers. My work has led to interviews and mentions on the BBC, Telegraph.co.uk, Buzzfeed, CBS Los Angeles, Upworthy, Popsugar, Bloomberg, CBC Vancouver Radio and others. You can read those essays here:

I also have Patreon account where I publish slightly more personal thoughts and essays that challenge the prevailing views of our time. More importantly, here is a picture of my dog. She loves to read. (Mostly mysteries.)

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