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Ketchup Sandwiches

If you're here, it might because you've read my essay Ketchup Sandwiches and Other Things Stupid Poor People Eat. When I first shared my story on Medium, I never expected over a million readers-- I imagined only a handful, at most.  Many readers have sent their story of poverty and hard times. I never asked... but many took the time to find me online and share. I treasure each one. 

These stories are the heart of America. Those who are (or once were) $17  away from ruin are my tribe. If you would like me to share your "Ketchup Sandwich" story, or maybe the story of someone you love or once knew, Send it here. Grammar and spelling have never mattered to me, so please don't worry about that. One paragraph? Two or more? It doesn't matter. There is no right way to tell a story. I won't share unless you tell me it is okay. And I won't share your name unless you'd like me to. ❤️

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